Sales & Trading

Our veteran sales force adds value by combining extensive knowledge of the companies and industries Northcoast covers with a keen sense for clients’ specific investment styles and objectives.

The Sales team at Northcoast differentiates itself in two aspects. The first is that research sales is all we do – we have no other distractions – we know our research in detail and distribute it to our clients in an efficient and effective manner. The second is that the product we sell is unique – it is created by our team of very experienced fundamental research analysts who are adhering to our Northcoast Proprietary Research Method.

Northcoast’s streetwise Sales Traders strive to be viewed as an extension of their clients’ trading desks by communicating our research highlights in a timely, yet brief manner and by providing professional, best-execution service. We employ the use of floor brokers, ECNs, algorithms and FIX protocol to find liquidity, anonymity, and state of the art execution.


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